Welcome! I am Amelia, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist in Boulder, Colorado.  Selkskin is where I share delicious food tips, ways to get out and move that body, and my journey of staying with myself through whatever comes.  If you want to cultivate vitality together or simply be curious you've come to the right place! 

I have clients all over the country and I am currently accepting new clients! Interested in a Skype, FaceTime, phone, email, or in-person session? Contact me and let's chat. I would bE happy to support you!


As a nutritionist I work one on one with clients to address their bio-individual nutritional deficiencies and general health concerns at the roots. I specialize in fertility, eating disorders, absorbing nutrients, and blood sugar regulation. I offer group sessions and workshops on fermenting foods. I also offer one-on-one coaching sessions where we shop for food and cook together. 

Please call  720-675-7180 to schedule! 

New Client Visit with Amelia Kauffman (90 mins) $150

As a nutritionist I work one on one with clients to address their bio-individual nutritional deficiencies and general health concerns at the roots. 

A thorough and comprehensive intake will be done during a new client visit with Amelia.

We will discuss current nutrition, lifestyle (budget, time for cooking, work/family schedule), signs and symptoms of any chronic or acute health concerns, meal planning and health goals. You will walk away with a plan for the next week (or more time if weekly is not a possibility). 

Return Visit (60 mins) $100

Follow up visit with Amelia to review nutrition protocol, make changes, meal plan and reevaluate health goals. Make a plan for the upcoming week. 

Short Return Visit (30 mins) $50

Quick nutrition protocol check in and set goals/make a plan for the upcoming week. 

Grocery shopping with Amelia! 

*For established clients of Selkskin

First visit 75 minutes $200

Follow up visits 30-60 minutes, $50-$100

Spring Cleaning for Your Diet!

90 minutes in your home! $225

Amelia visits your home and we got through all the items in your kitchen. We discuss how to add things that will support your health goals and consider letting go of the things you may not need anymore!

Every time you want to make something of it, let go more...soften more. ~ Pema Chodron

My beautiful mother and I in the spring of 2017 in Napa, CA <3

My beautiful mother and I in the spring of 2017 in Napa, CA <3



On a bonny August afternoon in '83, I was born directly into my father's hands in the house he built on Martha's Vineyard; an island off the coast of Massachusetts. I grew up with working class parents who struggled financially and were rich in community on an island of privilege. Dance compelled my life, and I was drawn into an Indonesian adventure to study Balinese dance the winter after graduating from high school.

In Bali, I met a woman who opened my eyes to the difference between working-class America and third world poverty. From her perspective, I was incredibly rich and advantaged, which stunned me. Here I was, halfway around the world studying dance, compared to her children who would never be able to leave their home. I had epitomized the fancy mansions and summer weddings on the Vineyard as wealth, but she helped me to realized how privileged I am just to have a United States passport.

After Bali, I attended Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado; a Buddhist inspired Liberal Arts College. I received my B.A. in Religious/Peace Studies with a minor in Psychology. While the scenery had changed from the Vineyard's vast oceans to the majestic Rocky Mountains, I could see that the diversity of ethnicity, race or economic background had not changed: I was still among a very privileged population.  

At Naropa, my Buddhist teacher asked, If you don't have a healthy ego, how can you deconstruct it? This deeply resonated with me. If you don't know yourself, how will you be able to move through the things that hold you back? In my life there will be challenges and there will be loss. I realized then that I want to cultivate the ability to approach difficulties with compassion and gentleness.

At this point I became dedicated to personal growth through meditation, prayer, playfulness, and yoga. I learned about my black Irish heritage and to love and respect my ancestry. I created a community that still sustains me to this day. I have the best and most valuable friends that will be my loves forever. I discovered engaged social action and social justice, which helped me to heal the brokenness I experienced and convinced me to commit to expressing myself and to offering attention to others. I learned to live as if I am a gorgeous creation of extreme value. Prior to Naropa I hadn't realized how much I perpetuated the belief that I was not worth great things in this life. I was not aware of how much this defined and limited me. I believe in shedding what is no longer serving us and learning to walk with pride. This is the journey I continue to ride and I welcome those who want to walk with me! 

I am now a Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner (NTP) through the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA). Many of my journal entries are inspired by their program, guidance, and excellence. I originally went to Naropa 11 years ago to become a licensed dance therapist and somatic psychologist. I hope to incorporate the intelligence of the body with nutritional therapy. Body awareness and basic health at this point in our modern world is revolutionary. It’s almost like we are taught that the healing and counseling worlds are first world “problems” and that mental health issues or imbalances are more complex than they are. If we have a balanced physiology and relationship to our bodies this skill can greatly support our emotional and mental health. A lot of our modern distress in the western world may be due to a lack of having our basic needs met and to poor nutrition. Of course I am not a scientist or a doctor, I say this from personal experience. But hold tight. I am working on it! For now it’s just an opinion. I hope to be able to help folks the way some of the healers and therapists/counselors/guides in my life have helped me.

I think perhaps the most important role of a NTP is to believe in your client and to support their ability to affect positive change in themselves. NTPs can offer contradictions to negative feelings such as body image and self-worth challenges, the harmful affects of a poor diet, and hopelessness that we will ever feel better. Ultimately, both the NTP and the client are collaborators in the healing process. How could I ask another person to address their own imbalances or impediments if I am not doing so myself? (Just as my Buddhist teachers asked of me). I have a strong yoga and meditation practice to this day and it supports me in walking-the-walk. I move closer to myself every day, regardless of if it's easy or I feel like it ;-)

I currently live in Boulder, Colorado with the best community a woman could ask for. I enjoy swimming, hiking, running, Yin Yoga (or yoga nap time as my business partner Cris calls it ;-), traveling, preparing delicious meals, moving and grooving, crocheting, and making music. Right now I am committed to livinga life which supports my vitality. If you are interested in following the process of this journey I will updating my journal regularly. If you’d like support on your own nutritional path contact me here!

With Warmth,


For self is a sea boundless and measureless. ~ Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet, Self-Knowledge

Photo Credit:&nbsp; Rebecca Caridad of&nbsp;  Manzanita &nbsp;Photo

Photo Credit: Rebecca Caridad of Manzanita Photo